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A few bushwalks mostly in the Blue Mountains.

Sharps Pass into Upper Grose

Thu Sep 16 2021

The Upper Grose has a many ways through the clifflines. A few are named - Victoria Falls Track, McKenzies Pass, Brownes Path, Surveyors Gully and Engineers Track Narrowneck. A rarely traveled Pass is Sharps Pass close to Valhalla Head. Sharps Pass doesn't require tape or scrambling ability, just surefootedness on steep talus. The optional alternate Pass used for the exit from the talus has 3 easy scrambles. Read More →

Rice Terrace & Black Billy Head

Fri Sep 03 2021

Narrowneck has a dozen or so named passes - Black Billy Head is one of the more adventurous ones. It is also one end of the little travelled Rice Terrace. Rice Terrace is a long halfway ledge that is accessible from both ends - Black Billy Head in the West and Mitchells Creek/Coachwood Pass in the East. This Pass is thought to have been first visited in 1980's by Graeme Holbeach. This trip avoided the unfriendly scrub of Fools Paradise, however, it didn't avoid 300m of talus descent and subsequent ascent. Instead it descended Diamond Head Pass to approach Black Billy Head from below. Read More →

Undocumented Narrowneck Pass

Tue Aug 17 2021

Narrowneck has a dozen or so named passes and also a few less well known. This Pass is thought to have been visited in 1988 by a well known bushwalker. There have been no known visits after that time, and it has remained undocumented. This trip included another well traveled Pass and a quick visit to its logbook. Read More →

Diamond Head and Rock Pile Pass

Tue Jun 08 2021

Narrowneck has a dozen or so named passes and also a few less well known. Diamond Head is a little tricky for a couple of reasons. While there is only one "real" Rock Pile Pass that uses a rock pile for access, there is another way onto the ledge, as well as a "fake" Rock Pile Pass which has been repeated numerous times. This trip included all three variants and also the Diamond Head route, using Redledge Pass twice for access. Read More →

Brownes Path and Unnamed Pass - Hat Hill Ridge

Fri Apr 30 2021

Starting a Wind Eroded Cave car park, there's a footpad that passes the cave and then heads up onto the tops where there's a few interesting rock formations. However, instead of heading up cross the slope diagonally and head towards the wide gully West of the creek. At the creek, head downstream for 100m, then up a narrow ramp on the West side to a big rock formation with a couple of cairns on top. Read More →

Dunphys Campsite to Kelpie Point

Fri Jan 22 2021

Starting at Dunphys Campsite, take the Bellbird Ridge firetrail, turn right at T-junction onto powerline trail to Medlow Gap, follow White Dog Ridge for 3km, take left fork to drop off the ridge and descend 600m to Cox. Read More →

Hat Hill to Pierces Pass via Brownes Path

Fri Dec 25 2020

Hat Hill to Pierces Pass via Brownes Path route starts at Hat Hill car park, follows the ridge to Brownes Path, descends the talus steeply to the Grose River via no route whatsoever, ascends the tourist Pierces Pass to the car park. The return is back down Peirces Pass, a 2km walk upstream to Hat Hill Creekm followed by a steep unmarked ascent to Lews Pass and Hat Hill Canyon. After exiting Hat Hill Canyon follow the ridge back to return to Hat Hill and the car park. Read More →

Mt Banks to Mt Hay via Byles Pass

Thu Aug 27 2020

Mt Banks to Mt Hay via Byles Pass route starts at Mt Banks, descends into the Grose via Garrads Gulch, ascends Shaw Gully to Bylwes Pass and follows the cliff line on the South side of the Grose Valley to My Hay and the car park. Read More →

Bush Fire

Sun Dec 22 2019

On Saturday 21st, my 19yo son, my wifes RFS crew and I watched the fire trickle towards us from the east then south against a light westerly wind, covering 200m over a period of 4 hours with 1m flame height... Read More →

Burra Korain Slot

Tue Dec 18 2018

Burra Korain has a couple of unknown slots, that have never been used for either ascent or descent. One optionally requires a rope, the other is a walk in the park - this describes the 2nd.... Read More →

Jungle Circuit

Sun Dec 09 2018

Last time I descended Govetts Leap and located the track to the Jungle Circuit, it was overgrown and strewn with obstacles - finding the loop itself was nigh on impossible. Read More →

Lockleys Chute - into the Grose

Sun Dec 09 2018

The usual route from Leura into the Grose is via Lockleys Pylon and then steeply descend Shortridge Pass to reach the junction of Govetts Gorge and the Grose. A rough alternative takes a more south westerly ridge to the valley floor. Read More →


Sat Jun 10 2017

Much of the Blue Mountains is characterised by a flat sandstone plain at around 900m Read More →

Colosseum Landslide

Sun Apr 30 2017

a short around the cliffs below the Hydro Majestic a few weeks ago intending to visit the historic Colosseum. Read More →

Landslide Gully into the Jamison Valley

Sun Jan 01 2017

A hot day after Christmas, so we needed a short walk. Landslide Gully was a goods candidate, but we didn't want to walk down into the valley, across Federal Pass and then try to find our way up the gully with the risk of having to turn back at one of the trickier sections. So we approached from Cliff Drive intending to bounce back up it once we hit Federal Pass. Read More →

Copeland Pass

Sun Jun 15 2014

We used to live on Sublime Point, so the Copeland Pass and Lindemans Pass are familiar territory. Read More →

Mt Banks Walk

Fri Jun 13 2014

We walked for an hour from the car park around the back of Mt Banks to where the 4wd track gets to within 20m Read More →